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Friday, January 17, 2014

bus stories 3

At the bus stop.

I was sitting in a bus and people were coming in.
First came a boy.
He had a coffee in his hand, the bus driver said to him that he cannot have it (drinks are forbidden at Odense buses). But the boy explained that he didn't know and that he just bought it.
He was very polite and convincing enough because the driver lets him in with a coffee.
As a second person came someone (not important for the story).
As a third came a girl.
She also had a coffee, driver teased her a bit but let her in probably assuming she was together with the boy that convinced him to enter a bus and keep a coffee 'this time' (she was with that boy).
A minute later we still were waiting on a bus stop and...
Two girls came in.
Both of them had a coffee. Bus driver told them that it is forbidden and that when he breaks coffee will be on them or on the floor.
Girls looked at the signs on the bus door one one of them specifically forbids coffee... They said it is fair enough and they stepped out to finish their coffees.
After half a minute the bus left without girls...

Friday, January 10, 2014

LONDON mostly against the sun

 That was a lot of walking...

... but I am glad for all I saw that day because ...
... the other days weren't so pretty.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013/2014

I have spend the last week of 2013 or first week of 2014 in LONDON, England!

I went to Amico Bio - Italian vegetarian restaurant and had wonderful time, although I wouldn't recommend their food. They have nice and pleasant service and the atmosphere of the place is great too.

Then I saw fireworks at midnight over the River Thames near London Eye, the show was impressive! And I felt happy about the moment of entering new year. It was rainy, and it was time for me to get out of centrum of London.

It is very hard to get back home in London after parties like New Year's Eve. Tube is overcrowded and some buses might not be driving. Tube was free but some stations have been closed done at some points at night to reopen again when crowd got smaller.

Finding a free taxi was almost impossible it took around 30-40 mim.

It was an adventure but if I am ever coming back to London for New Year's Eve I am gonna book a hotel near place I am partying, no more "trips" on busy nights like that.

Anyway, after 2h of "city-trip adventure" in a rain me and my fiance made it to a private house party and had a lot of fun until morning. 
Mostly drinking tea and singing along guitar concerts given by my fiance and others.


My evening was as awesome and as intensive as my year 2013!
Happy New Years Eve Everyone!
Wish you a lot of fun in 2014!