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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Water Taxi in NYC

Manhattan from water is a must see when you in NYC!

I took this trip two times now (spring 2013 and spring 2014) and probably if I am in NY again with someone that never tried it
- I will do it again! :D

Taxi costs $50, so not too cheap. Although, it is not unusual price for truistic attraction in US.

One can just sit at one boat and do the whole round trip - part of Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, and Statue of Liberty. There is a guide but unless you sit down in a closed part of the boat you might not hear/understand everything especially if english is not your first language.

The first time I took this cute yellow boat taxi I took the round trip which takes about 1h30min.

There is also other option with this taxi-trip.

One can also hop out and hop in at different stops and enjoy the trip more or less whole day and do a lot of sightseeing.

That is not exactly what I did on my second ride, because I only used one stop, but it is definitely a nice option.

My main aim on the second trip was Brooklyn Bridge, since I have never walked it before.
And for some reason I really wanted, so I have terrorized my travel companions and we did it!

I think it was totally worth it.
It was a bit challenging to find where to enter the bridge but definitely not impossible.

I haven't walked it completely.
However, I saw and experienced what I wanted.

From one boat to another there was plenty of time to enjoy the bridge and grab some ice-cream before boarding again.

There is no option of hoping out at the Statue of Liberty at Liberty Island.
So this little island and museum that they have there still has to wait for me.

Well I plan to come back to NYC again, so no need to see everything at once ;)

relativity of wedding menu

I am sitting in my super little apartment. 
It is an unusually hot summer night here in Denmark. 
Lucky year, we have so much sun that it is hard to believe. 
I love it, because I rather sweat than freeze.

Anyway, I am trying to compose a menu for my wedding, that might happen one day... 
I mean it is going to happen but in a year (!) so I feel a bit crazy to go into such details...
However, I want to book a place soon. 
Prices are highly depended on menu so to estimate a cost of the wedding party I unfortunately need to go through this abstract task of trying to foresee what I would like to have for dinner in a year from now...
I have started my mission impossible with great enthusiasm and believe that it is a piece of cake.
Well, I was wrong...
I am already sitting for few hours and I am not done...
You see on the beginning of the process I was very critical towards potential wedding dishes.
But there were so many options... so many of them... that I started to suspect that the names of dishes are randomly picked just to confuse me.
First I became tired, and that slowed my decision abilities.

But eventually happened the worst, yes yes - I became hungry.
One by one I have began adding things to my list that I do not even know what they really are...

Luckily a blessed brilliant thought came to my mind: 
'better go to bed before hot dogs end as a main course'

- Good night :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Central Park

New York is an amazing city. 
There is so much to see, so much to experience. 
This was my third visit in the City, and I still know nothing about it - I need to go there again! ;)

The first time I was lucky to see New York in winter time just before Christmas with all the lights and decorations.
And this time I was lucky to be there during Easter time (rockefeller-easter-eggs-exhibit) when most of the people had few days off and wore beautiful decorative Easter hats to show off during holiday parade.

I got my lunch at one of the street stands called the Halal Guys - cheap and delicious food - nicely spiced meat and rice. The Halal Guys are actually acclaimed best street food in NYC and they might be... I definitely recommend it.

I went few streets up and sat down on a warm from sunlight stone.

Central park was a perfect place to enjoy my meal. 
Beautiful view on Manhattan and fantastic spring weather..

After food and small rest I took a long, slow stroll through the park.

The Central Park is wonderful oasis of peace in this noisy crazy city. 
During holiday it is teeming with life, joy, friendship and family atmosphere. 

I am looking forward to take a stroll there again.