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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December summary


Les Miserables - this movie is phenomenal in my opinion but might be unbearable for those that do not like musicals.

Moulin Rouge! - weird tear squeezer. It is an old movie that I have never seen but I enjoyed it.

Ted - very funny.

Ted 2 - not as funny as Ted.

Star Wars - I am not the biggest fan of Star Wars but it actually was a quite nice movie.

Bridge of spies - a great movie based on a gripping true story of a lawyer James B. Donovan who took a case of a Russian spy Rudolf Abel in 1957 and afterwards in 1962 negotiated exchange of captured American pilot for Abel. I highly recommend.


I traveled  to Poland for this Christmas break so I had a lot of family time this December.

Goodbye year 2015 
You were grant!