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Thursday, February 5, 2015

December/January wrap-up


Definitely Supersymmetry lectures by Fernando Quevedo became my lifesaver in December while writing report about my individual study of Supersymmetry. Lectures are awesome but the guy that was responsible for recording it has a big minus from me! There is a lot of excellent material lost! And that is very very sad! Nevertheless, those lectures are worth watching if you want to supplement any book in Supersymmetry. Especially if you do self study.


"How to teach quantum physics to your dog" by Chad Orzel. It is well written, lightly funny book about physics that you can read instead of romance, and one day might become very handy if you will find yourself trying to explain quantum mechanics to your kids. I've bought it online as a Christmas gift to my fiance but couldn't control myself and read a bit the moment it arrived ;)

"Howl's moving castle" by Diana Wynne Jones is a fantasy book full of magic. It is about finding courage of seeking your fortune. About going on life adventure and becoming stronger and more aware of your own gifts and talents. Loved it and I have already bought two other books in this trilogy.


have discovered two artists:

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
- Lego House
- Don't

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk tf. Bruno Mars

I have enjoyed:

Kiesza - Hideaway, MAGIC! - Rude, and Sia - Chandelier

And went back to some old tracks from 2013:
John Newman - Love me again; Pharrell Williams - Happy; Lorde - Royals.


Chocolate cake from Wendorff :) There are no words that can describe how much I love this cake. And it is dairy-free!! LOVE IT!! I could it it all on my own but have to share because my fiance likes it too.


Christmas Eve I have spend with my danish family. It was full of great food, joy of unpacking presents and fun while dancing around the Christmas tree.

I went to Szklarska Poreba in Poland with my fiance, parents, brother and his girlfriend. I have learnt some cross country skiing - it is great workout and I think on easy trails as those in Jakuszyce near Szklarska Poreba even those that do not exercise frequently can have a lot of fun. It is always good to take a lesson or two to learn some technique. That is what I did and I found it useful.

I have visited Norway to attend a Graduate Winter School in Theoretical Physics, but I also tried Norwegian cross-country skiing. I have to say one thing about my cross-country experience there -  you cannot be a beginner in Norway. I would recommend taking some downhill lessons before you go on any trail there - just saying ;) My ankle still aches ;)


Bae in Danish is a word for poop. But some people on the internet use it thinking it means baby, sweetie etc ;)


"Astronauts" - card game, highly addictive, competitive - I love it! During my stay in Poland we played it everyday after skiing ;) It is about going into space and then to get points for your excursion you need to come back safely home. There is a bit of strategy and luck (dice) involved.


I have finally saw "Frozen" and I really liked it.

"American sniper" is a good movie, especially if you an ignorant like me and go to see it without knowing it is a story based on facts.

"Big Hero 6" - is fantastic! It is Disney at its best, funny and touching movie.

"Birdman" - it is not an superhero/action movie! But it is interesting and good movie, about crises when your career peak is over. It probably is even more entertaining for people from movie/theater industry because it shows perks of that work.

Hope New Year 2015 is being Good to Everyone!