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Thursday, November 13, 2014

good book type of trouble

There is a reason why I do not read novels when I am busy with studies or work. 
I find good books addictive. 
It is just impossible for me to stop reading once I start. 
I do not sleep at nights, I do not talk to people, I lose track of time... My life stops, nothing that the world has to offer is interesting to me... The only thing that matters is to get to know the story.

And I have fallen into the trap again!
I have stumbled upon Jannifer Crusie name after I have finished "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes and I was searching for more romance stories that could just stand on my bookshelf and wait for me to grab it. I quickly looked through her books and found one that took place in Ohio! 
Not that I think life in Ohio is so exciting that I really want to read about it, but I lived there for two years and a little piece of my heart belongs to that state. One could say I have now a bit of midwest girl in me. Anyway...

"Welcome to Temptation" is a funny love story with a lot sex and a crazy crime plot. It is all about human 'temptations' - greed and lust especially (btw. it is not a book for prude ones). Two sisters Amy and Sophie come to this little town of two thousand inhabitants called Temptation to make a movie. They are not making any movie, it will be a ”vanilla porn" starring people from the town. In such a small community this becomes a big deal and because of a civic duty mayor Phin and police chief Wes get very involved. 
Lots of love and lots of laughter. 
Great book!

I have finished this novel and I am now fighting a huge temptation to reach for another Jannifer Crusie book ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October favorites

So far Fall in Denmark is beautiful. We have many sunny days and it is actually not so cold. I try to go out as much as I can to enjoy it before it is over. 
One needs to appreciate small good things! :)


My favorite movie from those I have seen in October was certainly 'Gone Girl', because it made me discuss it over and over. 
I've even had nightmares because of it!? 
Anyway, definitely one of the best movies Ben Affleck has been in. I am generally not a big fan of movies about complicated relationships but the couple in this movie has sort of problems that I cannot imagine myself ever have. 
However, regardless how far from my reality the plot was I found it very nerve-racking. 
I highly recommend this movie but I wouldn't call it entertaining. For some reason my definition of entertainment is a bit different from feeling deeply stressed for two and half hour (the movie is quite long, as most of movie those days).


'1st year physics brick', since that is the only book I have read in October, haha ;) I was taking a tryout of GRE Physics and last month was definitely dedicated to studying to this exam. Nice it is over.

As for novels, just before I got totally swallowed by reading to the exam I cried my eyes out, from laughter or because of being deeply moved, on two awesome romantic books:
1) "Me before you" by Jojo Moyes - very moving story about meeting someone in your life that makes you grow as a person, makes you see the world around in a totally different way... I am not going to say more because I do not want to spoil it for anyone. Let me just say that I haven't slept three nights in a row during my intensive (lectures were form 8am to 8pm) Summer School in Germany to read most of it. Last pages I was finishing in a train back home weeping like crazy. Definitely fantastic read, and I have already bought it in danish to give it as a present to my mother-in-law. I have actually also considered buying it in polish to give it to my mum too... which will make me a crazy person that bought this book in 3 different languages ;)
2) "The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion - more on laughing side. Anyone who ever had a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner that is a science nerd will love this book! So funny. It is a story about feelings that no matter how smart you are you have to use your heart not brain to understand them. I love the way main character looks at the world and people around him, haha.


I am not sure... but after checking 'recently added' to my Spotify it seems like: 
Vance Joy 'Riptide'
Jake Bugg 'Lightning Bolt'
Troye Sivan 'Fun'
Becky CJ 'If This Is Love'
Francoise Hardy 'J'suis d'accord' (I do not understand what she is singing about but this lovely song makes me happy:))

They probably old songs but they were new to me ;)


I have already started eating Christmas pepper-nuts cookies (they are a sign Denmark is getting into Christmas mood). Organic chocolate chip cookies - I have managed to find a delicious milk free version (since I am on dairy free diet). And most of all the wonderful milk free 'salsa burger' from Froggys Cafe in Odense - they make it with dark bread if one asks nicely :) As for hot beverages definitely Pumpkin Soya Latte from Starbucks has brightened some of my long days spent in a library. As for cold stuff I am very boring person, I drink mostly tap water and occasionally orange juice regardless the month of the year.


Flower pattern on anything, especially on dresses is my favorite trend always. I have managed to find on discounts in h&m two dresses for this season and I love them both. I am generally getting more and more into skirts and dresses. Skirts as for me have to be high-waisted, I just love how much free mind they give me. I can easily eat a whole burger without getting aware that it all landed in my belly ;]


I am on a big quest to make my skin acne/break-out free. I am trying many different tricks recently. But most importantly I have started to drink more water. Each day I aim to consume 3 liters but I haven't succeeded yet. However I did get to walk more since I need to go to restroom very frequently ;)

Make up

A shop assistant from Matas (Danish cosmetics chain-shop) has introduced me to some super eyebrows trick with an eye shadow from Nilens Jord and I loved it. I also heard from the same girl a scientific explanation of a technique of mineral powder application and that was cool too! Not that this powder was any special (I have no idea since I am not a big make-up user), but hearing about electrostatic forces from make-up artist made me liking this brand a lot!
I do not have money at the moment to spend on something that I would very rarely use, but the eyeshadow 626 and powder 331 are both on my Christmas 'wish list' :)

Happy November Everyone!