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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Multiverse in Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a very nice cartoon .
It seem random and crazy, but very often hits you with serious life stuff.
Can be equally enjoyed by kids and adults.

It is definitely my favorite cartoon at the moment, I highly recommend it!

As a physics student I couldn't help getting super happy when in this cartoon I saw an explanation of Multiverse.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

late autumn

I do not like biking, and it is super cold now in Denmark, but the path to my university (University of Southern Denmark) is very beautiful at any time of the year. Especially on sunny days :)

Happy 4th of December!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

clean on thursdays

Until recently I was doing weekly cleaning of my apartment on Saturdays.

Saturday makes sense especially if you from Catholic family. Sunday is a day you go to Church and you cannot work, and other days are working days, so there is only Saturday left for home duties.
But what about other week days are they really out of discussion?

I have discovered and I am sharing with you that there is no better day than Thursday for home duties and cleaning.

WHY Thursday?

Here are my arguments:

Monday is tough enough no extra duties are needed to make this day challenging.

Tuesday as for me a movie night if I have no homework, because tickets are half price.

Wednesday well one could actually clean on Wednesday but what for? You clean and then it won't be anymore visible on Friday.

Friday - no way!! Cleaning after whole week of working? Cleaning on a party-evening? Friday is a bad idea unless it is emergency or special situation, but that can be said about any other week day.

Saturday - well wouldn't it be nice to wake up on Saturday without a thought that you have to clean? I also think that when you clean on Saturday it basically steals the whole day, because you do have a whole day and because you lazy and slow, because it is weekend. I think it is time to change this nightmare.

Sunday - well I do not go to Church but I am definitely sold for - no work on Sunday attitude.

Golden Thursday:
Because there is no better day!
Because it will bring Saturdays back to life!
Because you worth it!

Friday, November 15, 2013


On Sunday afternoon yes it was me I have terrorized studenterhus Odense (STUDENT_HOUSE).

I was studying to my String Theory exam that I had last Monday morning, and I badly needed a black or white board, I am not a "board-sist", to practice my presentation. 

My fiancĂ© used his perfect Danish language to call and ask if they have call and ask if they have boards at Studenthus so that I do not have to bike 45 min to the University (and you know I do not like biking), a girl he has spoken to said that they do have boards, but no chalk or markers.

That was good enough. Packed my stuff, jumped on a bike, stopped by a shop bought markers thought they cost 19.95DKK but they were 35DKK but since I prepared 20DKK lady I guess assumed that there was mistake and I got them for 20DKK at first I felt lucky but then when one the red marker from the package of four markers was completely dry, I think it was a fair deal.

I got to Studenthus, got in, took the stairs up to study zone and I face a fence ??!! It was closed ??!!
I went down, found a person and asked about board and a closed study zone ??!!
Found out that it is always closed on Sundays (why the girl on a phone haven't mentioned it is closed??!!).
And then I did my so called "mimimi" face and big eyes.

I said that I even bought markers and that I do not want tea (they offered tea instead of a board - sweet guys btw.) because it won't help me, and that I really really need a board. 

And they came up with an idea to help me!
They found some "paper based board" that they use for "somethingSOMETHING" and I could study n it!
Then about million times they came around to me to say good luck!

What I want to say with this story is that in my opinion STUDENTHUS is truly a StudentHOUSE!
"Stor TAK" ("big thank you") for being awesome :D 
I recommend this place to anyone. Coffee is good and boys are very helpful and sweet! 

Btw. I got 12 (A) in my String Theory exam :D

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

bike satire

Haven't been in Denmark for 2 years and I haven't biked a single mile during that time. I am out of biking shape and lets face the truth I was forced to rediscover that hate biking.

I bike around 1h everyday. It is my transportation. And no argument about being green or healthy matters to me. I think it really sucks.
My butt aches and I am pretty sure that if I won't go to the gym from time to time to train my butt, I will become super flat butt-ed girl, because I sit whole day!

I sit while studying and now my motion of the day is also while sitting.

I feel tired from that biking. I arrive sweaty to the university, bus drivers do not care and want to kill me on the road.
And if it rains... that generated so much hate and laziness that I honestly rather stay home, skip work, classes or a party than bike to the destination! If I bike for a half and hour in a rain I have a small rain between my hat and glasses, I hardly see and well I still have to bike the same hard path as on sunny day...

Wind is always in my face. Do not even let me start about that one...

My backpack is heavy and or it annoys me on my back or it makes controlling the bike more difficult when I set it into the basket.

Even in flat Denmark there is plenty of hills to hate.

The only reason I bike is not because I think it is trendy, or because I think it will save our planet, or because I think it is a great way of being active...
I bike because I am too poor to get a car! And well I do not have driving license, but even if I had I do not have money for a car, so it doesn't matter.

And it is not only me, I have very slow bike and I look on other people while biking and they hate it too.
When it rains the view is far away from happy healthy people on pretty bikes, happily biking through pretty happy city.

What I am saying is, the moment I have money I am going to pollute our planet with fumes from my car!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Notebook Came Back

Short follow up on my notebook story (notebook).

Well it was laying all that time under the bookcase in a room that I lived in for the last month.
Well who would have thought to check there?

Anyway, I got it back yesterday evening. And I am very happy its back ;)

Monday, October 7, 2013

new apartment

Well, I have just moved in to a new apartment.

It is very small, but cute. I obviously was very excited, and happy about it.

I knew that after hours of euphoria I will discover something that I won't be so excited about. And I did.
The moment I laid down in bed, the street lap was exactly pointed to shine its bright light on my face, how lucky it is?
Sad thing is that the place the bed stands at the moment is really the best place in this one room apartment.

Curtains solved the problem.

The street-lamp. 

There also is this mysterious noise coming from the kitchen.
It is something between knocking on a wooden door and water dropping into a metal sink. I tried hard but couldn't figure out what makes this noise.

But the extra door brought from basement help to ignore it at night.

About noises our neighbors make... In a apartment above a small running kid sounds exactly the same as raccoons that lived at the roof of the building I lived in US. And it actually made me smile.

Anyway... it is lovely and I like it!

p.s. I have no WIFI there, so I am cast away ;)

Friday, September 20, 2013

quantum trouble

Nothing more precious than a cup of coffee on a days spend in the library. 
Especially when you have to struggle with tough stuff as an explanation of our existence, of an existence of our universe.

Anyway, during last lecture from Quantum Mechanics we heard depressing news. I cannot stop thinking about it.

When we look at the world classically we can make statements that it has zero energy, in Quantum world there is always some energy. 
Systems always oscillate at least a bit. So now if we have a space and even it seems empty then it will have infinite amount of those small energies. 
We also know that the general relativity implies that all the forms of energy gravitate, and if we have a infinite energy then we have infinite mass which leads to infinite gravity. 

And BOOM! 

If that was true then our universe would collapse in an instant.

This collapse is not a problem, because well it hasn't happened.
The problem is that I am studying a theory that we successfully use in everyday life (all modern technology was possible because we understood quantum mechanics). But yet same theory cannot completely explain why our universe is still around.

I might have got it all wrong, but it bothers me a lot.

Well next week will bring me probably something new to worry about, since our universe if full of mystery.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

look on the bright side

I really like "Life of Brian" by Monty Python but I wouldn't recommend it to those who do not like sense of humor that laughs at everything, religion including.
Nevertheless, the song in the end of this movie is great! 

"Bight Side of Life"

Always look on the bright side of life.
 Always look on the light side of life.
 If life seems jolly rotten,
 There's something you've forgotten,
 And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
 When you're feeling in the dumps,
 Don't be silly chumps.
 Just purse your lips and whistle. That's the thing.
 Always look on the bright side of life.
 Always look on the right side of life


Here is what happened in the morning that started very good day for me.

As always I was late in the morning.

It all started that I obviously slept too long, 
But then I were in a bathroom too long, 
I were dressing up too long, 
Eating my breakfast too long, 
Brushing my teeth way too long 
And definitely run too fast for my bus.

While crossing the street on which my bus stop is, I saw my bus!
I have speeded up, slipped and crushed flat all my body on the ground and my backpack landed just above my head. 
I thought, "That really aches."
Tried to stand up and continue to my bus that was just one bus length away from me. But couldn't and fall on the ground again.
I was very lucky and my bus hasn’t waited for me, even I am sure the driver saw me laying there. Anyway...
Thanks to that a man from a car that was stopped by my body on the ground asked me if I am all right and where I am going.
 I got a ride to the university even it wasn't at all on his way, he actually had to check where my campus is because he didn't know the way.
My Danish is not great but I had a decent 20min chat with that gentleman. 

I met a nice person that helped me even I wasn't in a hurry and it wasn't on a way, which is just wonderful, isn't it?

I have arrived earlier than ever to the university, and checked injuries. 
One could say that nothing happened to me, even my little accident looked pretty badly. 

I managed to do a lot of study before my class.
I had great day because I got great discussions with 3 people and I think understood and learnt a lot from them.

I heard about very interesting place and I might be moving to a new apartment very soon.

All my bones are in pain, but even for a second I haven't had a moment that I felt sad about my morning crush on the ground.

 Always look on the bright side of life.
 Always look on the right side of life


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

mysterious notebook

My advanced quantum mechanics notebook with notes from 2 weeks of lectures went missing.
I have checked everywhere at home and it is not there.
Yes, I have checked my backpack too.
Last night I gave up, went to bed. Had a lot of nightmares... just kidding.
In the morning I went to the library and asked if maybe I left it there.
My conversation with librarians:
L: "How big is your notebook?", "Like this?". Showing me address booklet.
Me: "No, it is bigger with notes from lectures."
L: "Like this?". L asked while showing me A4 format.
Me: "Well, I do not know. Maybe like this, or maybe smaller."
L: "Is your name on it?"
Me: ”Well, I do not really know. I do not remember."
L: "Do you know how it looks? Yellow, green ...”
Me: "Well, I really do not remember, but I know I’ve lost it. I do not know even where I could have left it, I've just thought maybe in the library?"
L: "So maybe you know when you lost it?"
Me: "I am not sure, maybe last week because I had it on last Wednesday during my lecture, but I do not really know."
Librarian makes a phone call.
L: "If we have found it we gave it to Information desk, go there and ask."
Me: "Yes, thank you."
I was walking away.
L: "But, do you remember at least what is written in your notebook, ha-ha."
Me: "Ha-ha, well this I actually think I do."
So, now I just have to go and have the same conversation with people at the Information desk.

Update: September 19th 2013

I still haven't found it but here is how it looks like. How could I have forgotten that it has periodic system on?
Anyway, it should be now way easier to find it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

bus stories 2

I've finished classes the other day and had meeting with friends in the city. I went to the bus stop and stood under the roof. I've asked a girl if the bus I've intended to take already went or is it coming soon.
She answered that she is not sure but there should be one coming soon. I've just said "I really hope I haven't missed it", smiled to her, and kept waiting.
A second after she just decided to stand 4m away from me in a rain even the bus wasn't on a horizon.
My questions is:
 Was she really so afraid that I will keep talking to her that she would rather stand in a rain?
I mean I am chatty but I didn't know I am scary? Hahaha.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I do not think I am any good example in making thought through and responsible decisions.

However, who decided what decisions are good or bad?

And what it really means "responsible decisions"?

Well whenever I want to find out about something, I jump straight into it. It is not like I am not afraid. I am, I am panicking like anyone else or maybe even more than others because I know myself and I know I am going to try it, I am going to do it. My curiosity won't let me just leave it.

As anyone I get enthusiastic about million things, why I choose one of them above the other is hard to say, but I do not fear difficulties that come with any change.

Being ready for difficulties it is not enough, the most frightening is that I have to decide on one particular path. Choosing one means missing out on others, or does it?

Obviously I am afraid of choices I make now, I do not want to regret anything when I am older. One thing I am really afraid of is that I will be grumpy and frustrated... That is a huge pressure.

But following all the possible paths means you follow none.

So what I try to do is to take risks, follow some paths and abandon others. Sometimes I am following certain path just to prove that it wasn't the right one. Sometimes I even know it won't be my path, but still I try it just to be sure, just to not regret I haven't check it out. It might seem chaotic to some people but I try to think 'who cares'.

No one can make choice without feeling afraid. Even not making any decision because of lack of courage is a decision.

I believe that our brain is very powerful machine and it can analyze way more than we aware of, so I just listen to my subconscious part of brain, an "intuition". For some of you it might be following your heart, or listening to your soul, or to God, no mater how you call that wisdom voice I would recommend listening to it. I just think it is easy to over think stuff, so sometimes is better to just be spontaneous, or just sleep on it and see what seem right in the morning.

About big decisions well as long as you know what you want, and you aim to achieve it then eventually you will see that whole world bends, flexes, and curves to make a crazy path to get to your dream.

Decisions are even harder if you have to take another person into equation, well it is harder if you respect that person's freedom. But this one is a whole different topic called love.

As I said I am not the best in decision making, but I think I do what I can to cross out from equation things that I do not want to do. And I think the times when it went wrong taught me something, because nothing is ever completely wrong.

I was inspired to write this post by the book I am still reading "Brida", I am terribly slow reader, and of course by a big danish chocolate pound cake (very fatty, a bit salty and very very chocolate'ish). 

A good cake is a necessity whenever you have to be a bit philosophical.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

bus stories 1

8:00 am

I am in a bus towards university 
Bus is approaching a bus stop, and there is a girl a bit late for it... she saw a bus and started to run. Not very fast run but in my eyes impressive enough for such a early morning. She made it, we all felt like clapping our hands... well maybe just me... but she made something that killed my enthusiasm, she took the last smoke and through the cigarette she apparently was running with on the ground !? I wish she didn't, I wish I felt like clapping my hands and saying 'good job girl' and think that red cheeks add beauty to anyone... She stole it from me, not very nice of her, I think...

Anyway, it is quite cold here 10°C, but sunny and pretty! 
It is going to be a good good day :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pakistani culture in Malaysia

Working with Pakistani boys in Malaysia gave me an opportunity to learn a bit about their culture. I am very grateful for that.

Very  quickly Biryani became my favorite dinner dish.
Biryani is a rise with ginger sauce and red chicken baked on fire!
(there are many versions of Biryani but generally its rise is fried or cooked separately from a thick sauce)

In one of cafeterias around the Universiti Teknologi Petronas one can get very nice Pakistani breakfast. It is very filling, and oily, but I like it a lot.

As a change to Malaysian Nasi Lamak I got to like also Pakistani food for breakfast.


I got a present from a friend from Karachi, Pakistan. A modern version of traditional Pakistani outfit Kurti made by Sheep.

I have worn my Kurti to university, because after hours we planned to eat Raya dinner together with other students and professors from my department (Raya at university).

I have used my friend's scarf as dupatta, I wear it across shoulders which is a typical way of wearing it. One can easily wear Kurti as a shirt over jeans - and that is what I did.

A useful tip (that is probably only new to me) how to wash clothes like cotton Kurti. First of all hand wash, second of all if after washing you realize some unevenness in coloring then add a bit of vinegar to the next washing.