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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March wrap up

Well this was definitely getting ready to wedding month. I am getting married in few days and I am very happy. It was a lot of preparations but I hope our guests and we will have a blast :)


Stealheart Brandon Sanderson - It is an awesome superhero or actually antihero action book. This anti-utopian story is very well paced, and have a nice plot twist. I've really enjoy it. It gives a bit of things to think through. People get superpowers and instead of becoming heroes they become villains. New gifts attenuate in them human nature. I already have second book - Firefight. However, there is 1.5 book Mitosis so obviously I am planning to buy and read this one before getting into Firefight, which I heard is even better than Steelheart.

The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald - I think I've managed to get through it only because I saw movie (which I liked). It is classic story, so worth reading/knowing it but I enjoy it. It is written as a memory so there are a lot of details of the story that we do not know because guy that tells the story do not know. I am glad I am done with it.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Truman Capote - I did not like the main heroine Holly Golightly, so it made it difficult for me to enjoy this story. I am generally not into stories like Pretty Woman. Which goes something like that; an intelligent, handsome and successful man falls in love with an undereducated, churlish, ill-mannered lady of easy virtue. I just cannot believe it could ever happen and if it did then the guy is probably far away from being desirable in my eyes. This story is a bit different but still Holly is not a person I could or would like to ever identify myself with.

Fifty Shades of Darker E L James - It is a second book in "Fifty Shades" trilogy. It is ok. Maybe slightly better that the first book. My fiancĂ© says it is crazy that it take 1000 pages to cover 4 weeks of cheesy romance. I guess he is right, but ten again it is easy read, funny enough and I already know and like enough main characters. I think story gives very shallow character description and dialogs are poor. It seems like Ana and Christian could have way more to talk about but we never get any proper sample. I am probably going to read third book since I already have it and it is not so bad story to abandon it.


Kingsman - I liked it. Fun movie with a lot of action is my type of entertainment.

Whiplash - Very good movie. Fantastic music. About working hard, about limits, about morals... I think it is a must see!

Cinderella - I do not like Pretty Woman, but I do like Cinderella. I think it has a good message. That being good, brave and educated is a huge value and it will shine from with you.

Jiro dreams of sushi - it is a documentary movie about Jiro who is one of the best cooks in the world. He makes sushi and he makes it well. It is about his strict working morals about his life philosophy and about his dedication to improve his skills every single day. Very inspiring.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

February wrap up

This was a very short month, wasn't it?
I have signed my master thesis contract and from March 1st I have one year to work on Effective Quantum Field Theory of Dark Energy and Inflation. I am excited!

Other than that, I am spending most of my free time on wedding preparation.


"Brida" Paolo Coelho - lovely book about taking a risk of following your heart and using your talents. It is an inspiring read.

"50 Shades of Grey" - in my opinion not as scandalous as it is proclaimed. Mr. Grey is definitely abusive, but Ana agrees on things he does to her even she do not have to. Language is very colloquial but it doesn't bother me so much since english is not my native language. It ends in a way that you need to immediately start on the second book "50 Shades Darker", and that is what I am reading now.


"Imitation Game" - what a story! Mathematics skills is a great power.

I am almost sure I have watched more than one movie but I do not remember?!

I have checked my movie theater membership account and I found out that I also saw Jupiter Ascending :)


I have spend my "Valentine's Weekend" in Copenhagen with my fiancé, his family, and our friend.

 I have spend 10 last days of February in Szczecin, Poland.
On my way to Poland I have visited for few hours Berlin just to go to PRIMARK and buy some cheap basics t-shirts. 
In Szczecin I stayed with my family. I was taking care of my health and well being while running around like crazy to finalize some things regarding my upcoming wedding. I also had my bachelorette party which was a cosy evening mainly with one awesome friend.