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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

summer diet

Summer is the best time to try to add to a diet more fruits and vegetables. I have so far conducted and up-taken few "food projects".

Strawberry Jam

Just like last year I have made strawberry marmalades. It was a whole day project. I woke up early and went out of town where the strawberry fields are. My parents in law have a friend that owns some of those fields and we were allowed to pick up as many strawberries as we want to. After whole day of cooking I have made 6 jars of jam and two jars of pancake syrup. They won't last long but as long as they will they will make me happy and proud.


I have started making based on milk or juice smoothies. I make them room temperature or 4 degrees if I make too much and I need to put it to a fridge. I store them in body-builder gym shakers but I remove the grating from it. For those that are not gym freaks or do not live with one, what I use is just a cup with a cover so one can shake it before drinking in case the smoothie has separated.

I have started making juice based smoothies to increase my vegetable intake. I do not like to eat salad and fresh spinach, it is not that I do not like the taste (they do not have much of it) but I am slow chewer and I always have an impression that I use way more energy to chew spinach or salad than the energy/calories they provide me with... Anyway, I really like it in juices. I do not follow any specific recipes I just throw what I have with some thought behind it of course. Until now I have 100% success, meaning that all of my mixtures were drinkable :)
 One of my smoothies contained: beets, spinach, squash, orange juice (as a base), frozen pineapple-papaya mix, algae powder and lemon juice.

Milk (I use milk alternatives as almond, rice, soya, etc. milks because I am lactose intolerant) smoothies are my way of preparing fast breakfasts. Here is an example: soya milk, oats, nuts (only if your mixer is strong), banana, lime juice, frozen pineapple-papaya mix, flaxseeds, chia seeds, blueberries, strawberries, and I poured it to a bowl to be able to top it with some honey puffs and eat with a spoon.


Jelly with fruit is a great dessert for hot summer days and also rainy gray days ;) (it seems like summer will not come to northern Europe this year).