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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

November Favorites

November has passed so fast that I almost haven't realized it was there. I am glad for that because if one do not make oneself very busy it is easy to get autumn blues.


I was waiting for this movie longer than sane people should wait for any movie... I saw it twice in theaters and I absolutely loved it!
I am of course talking about INTERSTELLAR.
Movie is full of physics, feelings and psychology.
It beautifully shows a sacrifice that great explorers must make to discover the unknown. Breathtaking.
And who cares that in the end they break a bit of laws of nature :p


I was only reading science stuff this month... 
And I am not sure if I would recommend books I was reading to anyone...
Maybe let me put it that way:
if you ever would decide to get to know Supersymmetry (beautiful theory in physics, that tries to explain more than the Standard Model does) then do not start from "Supersymmetry and supergravity" by Wess and Bagger. It is a classic but unless you are math oriented it will be a nightmare to go through. 
I have decided to start from "Supersymmetry DeMYSTiFieD" by Patrick Labelle. It is much more useful that Quantum Field Theory from the same DeMYSTiFieD series, but I do not find it perfect...
Supersymmetry is worth the struggle but the struggle is definitely there ;P


Definitely a blush and eye-shadow from Body Shop that since I bought them I wear whenever I go out.
The Blush - 01 all-in-one cheek color shade: macaroon - my first blush in very long time and I like how it makes me look healthy and fresh. Not that I mind looking pale and sick but it is a nice change when going out :)
The Eyeshadow - 01 eye color shade: copper!
A very sweet shop assistant recommended it for my skin tone and I think he was right.
I wanted something that you can put on eye lids and it looks good without any effort.
My make up skills are very poor and making something like a smokey eye surpass them ...
Anyway, I think this eye shadow is very beautiful, it is easy to put on with basic brush and it adds a bit of glam to a natural look. Thank you Body Shop for releasing me from learning advanced make-up tricks that I would rarely use ;)


I went with a surprise visit to my parents, because my mum had birthday!
I took a train.
I had a half a day in Berlin thanks to that trip. 

I took a long walk ... a bit longer than expected... to have a cup of coffee with a friend and then continued to my hometown Szczecin.

It was a perfect family time.
 It loaded my batteries with extra energy that still helps me to survive those grey, cold and windy fall days.


One day when I went out for a walk I smelled winter in the wind.
There is this bite in the air that one cannot ignore.
The winter has arrived!

Happy December everyone :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

make up or not to make up

We are surrounded by commercials, posters everywhere we go. People presented there are covered with make-up regardless their gender, age and beauty. No matter how much we are aware of photoshop, filters and other tricks of perfecting images, it can get into us.

It can make us think, that this is true beauty, ideal. Those images are made so that we will have a crush on people presented there. 
Commercials manipulate us to buy things, but what is worse they stuff us with images of "perfect" face, body, and life.
They make us think that what they represent is a true happiness.

I do not wear make-up on everyday basis.
I have never done that. I would do that only when going out, special occasions and so on.
Which means I do own some make-up and at least once a month when my hormones play with my mind I do question the way I look. It doesn't help that it is exactly the same time when I get the biggest amount of skin issues ;)
I do feel at those moments like the ugliest creature alive, but who doesn't?

The problem is if one feels bad about oneself everyday!
One just needs to STOP (easy to say hard to achieve)...
You beautiful, even without make up.
I do not think make-up is bad. I just think it is ok to look "bad", have dark circles under eyes, redness, pores, or a breakout. Everyone gets them.
The drive to look perfect is just not worth time and attention.
It is an unhealthy obsession that is out there waiting for our weak days just like a trap.

Our face is pretty just the way it is!

Instead of covering imperfections, it is better to try to find a source of bad skin in lifestyle.
Maybe too little water, too much stress, or too little sleep.
It is important to find what bothers your body, before it turns into something more serious than a breakout.
(If one suffers from severe acne then there is probably some health or lifestyle issue and I would recommend going to the doctor, changing diet for more clean food, and go to professional beauty salon for advice and treatment.)

It is not only our face that other people see.
There is also energy that comes out of us that makes people around like us.
If the energy is good no one worth your time will care about little imperfections.
What is more, there will one day come around someone that will find our bubbly face the most adorable on Earth.
It will be this positive energy that will attract that person and then who cares about the rest of the world.

We are billions of people and we are all different and that is phenomenal!
The diversity is a beauty of nature.
Our birthmarks or freckles make us unique.

There is no such an amount of "selfie" that one can take that will boost our self-confidence.
And no "likes" on facebook or instagram will gives us peace about the way we look.

Make-up will not cure real problems. 
It is not the look that in the end will make people love us and appreciate us. 
It will be all about who we are and how we look when we just woke up...

Breathe in and out...
 This covered up by superficial values world do not have to take over our life.

It is not make-up and perfect look what we admire about doctors that rescued our, or someones we love, life. It is their knowledge and skills.
It is not a pretty teacher but a passionate that will make the difference.

And if we want to then of course we should wear make-up but it should be worn for fun not as an armor.

Stay happy :)