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Thursday, November 28, 2013

clean on thursdays

Until recently I was doing weekly cleaning of my apartment on Saturdays.

Saturday makes sense especially if you from Catholic family. Sunday is a day you go to Church and you cannot work, and other days are working days, so there is only Saturday left for home duties.
But what about other week days are they really out of discussion?

I have discovered and I am sharing with you that there is no better day than Thursday for home duties and cleaning.

WHY Thursday?

Here are my arguments:

Monday is tough enough no extra duties are needed to make this day challenging.

Tuesday as for me a movie night if I have no homework, because tickets are half price.

Wednesday well one could actually clean on Wednesday but what for? You clean and then it won't be anymore visible on Friday.

Friday - no way!! Cleaning after whole week of working? Cleaning on a party-evening? Friday is a bad idea unless it is emergency or special situation, but that can be said about any other week day.

Saturday - well wouldn't it be nice to wake up on Saturday without a thought that you have to clean? I also think that when you clean on Saturday it basically steals the whole day, because you do have a whole day and because you lazy and slow, because it is weekend. I think it is time to change this nightmare.

Sunday - well I do not go to Church but I am definitely sold for - no work on Sunday attitude.

Golden Thursday:
Because there is no better day!
Because it will bring Saturdays back to life!
Because you worth it!

Friday, November 15, 2013


On Sunday afternoon yes it was me I have terrorized studenterhus Odense (STUDENT_HOUSE).

I was studying to my String Theory exam that I had last Monday morning, and I badly needed a black or white board, I am not a "board-sist", to practice my presentation. 

My fiancĂ© used his perfect Danish language to call and ask if they have call and ask if they have boards at Studenthus so that I do not have to bike 45 min to the University (and you know I do not like biking), a girl he has spoken to said that they do have boards, but no chalk or markers.

That was good enough. Packed my stuff, jumped on a bike, stopped by a shop bought markers thought they cost 19.95DKK but they were 35DKK but since I prepared 20DKK lady I guess assumed that there was mistake and I got them for 20DKK at first I felt lucky but then when one the red marker from the package of four markers was completely dry, I think it was a fair deal.

I got to Studenthus, got in, took the stairs up to study zone and I face a fence ??!! It was closed ??!!
I went down, found a person and asked about board and a closed study zone ??!!
Found out that it is always closed on Sundays (why the girl on a phone haven't mentioned it is closed??!!).
And then I did my so called "mimimi" face and big eyes.

I said that I even bought markers and that I do not want tea (they offered tea instead of a board - sweet guys btw.) because it won't help me, and that I really really need a board. 

And they came up with an idea to help me!
They found some "paper based board" that they use for "somethingSOMETHING" and I could study n it!
Then about million times they came around to me to say good luck!

What I want to say with this story is that in my opinion STUDENTHUS is truly a StudentHOUSE!
"Stor TAK" ("big thank you") for being awesome :D 
I recommend this place to anyone. Coffee is good and boys are very helpful and sweet! 

Btw. I got 12 (A) in my String Theory exam :D