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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

bike satire

Haven't been in Denmark for 2 years and I haven't biked a single mile during that time. I am out of biking shape and lets face the truth I was forced to rediscover that hate biking.

I bike around 1h everyday. It is my transportation. And no argument about being green or healthy matters to me. I think it really sucks.
My butt aches and I am pretty sure that if I won't go to the gym from time to time to train my butt, I will become super flat butt-ed girl, because I sit whole day!

I sit while studying and now my motion of the day is also while sitting.

I feel tired from that biking. I arrive sweaty to the university, bus drivers do not care and want to kill me on the road.
And if it rains... that generated so much hate and laziness that I honestly rather stay home, skip work, classes or a party than bike to the destination! If I bike for a half and hour in a rain I have a small rain between my hat and glasses, I hardly see and well I still have to bike the same hard path as on sunny day...

Wind is always in my face. Do not even let me start about that one...

My backpack is heavy and or it annoys me on my back or it makes controlling the bike more difficult when I set it into the basket.

Even in flat Denmark there is plenty of hills to hate.

The only reason I bike is not because I think it is trendy, or because I think it will save our planet, or because I think it is a great way of being active...
I bike because I am too poor to get a car! And well I do not have driving license, but even if I had I do not have money for a car, so it doesn't matter.

And it is not only me, I have very slow bike and I look on other people while biking and they hate it too.
When it rains the view is far away from happy healthy people on pretty bikes, happily biking through pretty happy city.

What I am saying is, the moment I have money I am going to pollute our planet with fumes from my car!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Notebook Came Back

Short follow up on my notebook story (notebook).

Well it was laying all that time under the bookcase in a room that I lived in for the last month.
Well who would have thought to check there?

Anyway, I got it back yesterday evening. And I am very happy its back ;)

Monday, October 7, 2013

new apartment

Well, I have just moved in to a new apartment.

It is very small, but cute. I obviously was very excited, and happy about it.

I knew that after hours of euphoria I will discover something that I won't be so excited about. And I did.
The moment I laid down in bed, the street lap was exactly pointed to shine its bright light on my face, how lucky it is?
Sad thing is that the place the bed stands at the moment is really the best place in this one room apartment.

Curtains solved the problem.

The street-lamp. 

There also is this mysterious noise coming from the kitchen.
It is something between knocking on a wooden door and water dropping into a metal sink. I tried hard but couldn't figure out what makes this noise.

But the extra door brought from basement help to ignore it at night.

About noises our neighbors make... In a apartment above a small running kid sounds exactly the same as raccoons that lived at the roof of the building I lived in US. And it actually made me smile.

Anyway... it is lovely and I like it!

p.s. I have no WIFI there, so I am cast away ;)