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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Arriving to USA

It was long trip... I had to leave my apartment around 11 to take a bus to the train station. Got tickets and had to wait 40min. Vagon at with I had seat reservation never arrived so I had to find another place. Train was filled with people but it was a pleasant trip. Weather was beautiful! Sunny day made views from windows very entertaining. 

My first flight was to London. Heathrow is a huge airport and even there was an hour and 20 min between flights I had be in a hurry. Long walking distances and also necessity of taking an airport train consumed a lot of time and once I reached the gate the plane was already boarding.

I was sitting next to my mom who I gave a window seat, since it was her first time flying to USA. It was great to sit next to her because she really enjoyed everything! It reminded me of myself first time in plane. Weather was great so until we got to Atlantic sea there was a lot to look at. It is very cool to look how temperature drops with altitude and once a plane reaches the height proper for a flight like this, you realize you fly with 500km/h 12000 meters above the sea and temperature behind the window is -49C... And you can see that the path is smoothly curved which make sence because our planet is a sphere not flat...! Small things that one learn in primary school but they always great once realized in practice :)

 I was flying first time to USA with British airlines and I have to say that plane was neat and tv screens were quite good, nice choice of new movies and actually microwaved food they always served at planes was nice enough which is not always a case on other airlines. Sandwiches they served were also good. All in all it was pleasant flight.

Customs service went very smooth. We took a taxi to our hotel on Manhattan - taxi driver was a nice guy but it was a very expensive ride.

We arrived at 11pm but remember there is 6 hour difference. The moment we got to our hotel from theater on the other side if the street we heard happy people screaming and it occurred that Danzel Washington just finished a show and was giving autographs :)) we haven't seen him though but still fun to realized that we are in New York the city that never sleeps and Hollywood stars are part of theater plays :))
We left luggage in our room, got free breakfast and free wifi too, because we got smaller room than we agreed on... And we gonna get proper one on Sunday :)

And then we went out to see Time Square lights ... And see this kitch and crazy huge commercials all over the place. It was midnight and streets were crowded... It is my third time in New York and I am always surprised how crowed it is and dirty too unfortunately. But it is a city that never sleeps mist of shops were open. 

After a short stroll we went back to hotel and slept very well :))

Good morning on Sunday! Good morning New York!

Sorry for all the typos but I am writing from my phone ;)