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Saturday, December 19, 2015



arxiv - I can recommend arxiv web page as a good place to see what is going on in theoretical physics. arxiv has free articles that are pre-prints of articles later on published in scientific journals. Very often they do not differ from published versions and since they are for free most of people use arxiv as a main search engine of newest articles in fields like for example cosmology or particle physics.

news - unfortunately because of what is going on in the world I had to decrease my political ignorance. With my naive dreamer attitude I hope that regardless differences and problems we are facing that we will keep growing as more and more united global society.... I wish all of us more peace, more love, and education.


The Graham Norton Show - it is the most funny talk show ever for those that love movies. Just give it a go and you going to get addicted.

Spectre - new James Bond movie. I loved it but I am watching movies like that without any critic, I am just enjoying spy movies "period".

Woman in Gold - good movie, I haven't read the book, so I cannot compare but I found the story very interesting and I think actors did a very good job.

I haven't had as boring November as it might seem from this summary... but then again it is not like I had a time of my life...

This month started horrible for me because I was feeling stressed and depressed but it ended with me feeling calmer and more confident about future.

I think it is because I have been very creative which always make me more emotionally stable and as a consequence more happy.

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