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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

September update


The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - it is a very nice movie. Great music, good sense of humor, handsome men, sweet romance, action and a spy vibe that I love. I definitely recommend it, especially for those that love James Bond or Mission Impossible type of movies.

No escape - The movie is about American Dwyer family in an unnamed Asian country that borders with Vietnam. They find themselves in the middle of a very violent coup where rebels mercilessly attack the city. Rebels attack anyone that do not support them but also they are hunting down foreigners. They fight against the government that allows the foreign corporation investments to take control over main resources of the country. Dwyer's are trying to survive and that is the only theme of the movie.
It was brutal and intense movie. It doesn't have much story or depth, therefore, I think it leaves a lot of space for personal interpretation. Some will find it xenophobic but I despite a lot of shortcomings of the movie found it interesting enough because it made me think about how our complex world runs. I do not recommend it.

Pawn Sacrifice - great movie about Bobby Fisher, his brilliance and his obsessions. It shows power and shortcomings of our mind. It shows a sacrifice and hard work behind success. I really liked it, and I highly recommend it.


The Martian by Andy Weir- it is amazing book and I am waiting like crazy person for the movie adaptation that is coming to theaters this November. This story is technical enough to satisfy nerds like me, but it is a wonderful story of a man with very strong will to survive and of course fantastic sense of humor. I loved it and I recommend it very very much!

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas - I read some negative reviews and I was a bit afraid that I will be disappointed but I am NOT!


I was probably not the only one who haven't slept whole night from 27th September to 28th September to see an eclipse.

I have tried to spend as much time in the garden as possible and enjoy the last warm days of this year. There is just nothing better than being surrounded by peaceful nature while reading a book or an article.

September it is also an Apple Pie time, so together with my mother in law we baked a pie from the apples from her garden. It turned out absolutely delicious.

Monday, August 10, 2015

August update


The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas - this book contains five novellas that should be treated as a prequel to The Throne of Glass series. First two novellas are ok. Third novella is a bit slow but ending definitely compensate patience. The last two are the best because of amount of action that take place there. It was nice to get to know Celaena a bit more and also read about her and Sam. I just wish I have read these novellas before the firsts two books in the series. Other than that, I have enjoyed the read.

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas - this is a third book in The Throne of Glass series. It is divided into two parts and we follow three separated stories. One of Celaena in Wendlyn land getting her training by Rowan. One taking place in the king's palace in Rifthold where we are following Chaol and prince Dorian. And one about Blackbeak witch Manon and other witches who have to learn how to fly wyverns. I liked two first books in this series but this one is better. The world is getting broader and reacher and there is some much more of adventure and action. We already know some of the characters but there are also very interesting new once introduced. It ends the way that I am grateful that the fourth book is coming out first on 1st of September 2015 (written on 10th August 2015) otherwise I would have to devote another bunch of hours to find out what is going to happen next ;)

The Embassy of Cambodia by Zadie Smith - it is a short novella about Fatou, domestic servant in London near The Embassy of Cambodia. Through small ordinary events we are getting to know hardship she ran away from and hardship she is having now. This book made me feel emotional and lucky. I highly recommend this story. It is a first book of Zadie Smith that I have read and I will definitely reach for her other stories.

Let's explore diabetes with owls by David Sedaris - it is a book consisting of short stories written by an American comedian. Some of the stories are really funny, some are disturbing, some are very provocative. I think the sense of humor is quite rude and it might not be everyones cup of cake. I could handle it most of the time but sometimes I really had to put it down and wait some time to continue reading. I've got intrigued enough that I consider reading another book by this author.


Ant-man - is awesome! Very funny, I laughed a lot and very well paced without being overloaded with action. There is a plot and I think overall it is a more rounded movie than other movies in the super-hero gender are as for example Avengers (although I am a big fan of them anyway). I think it could be enjoyed by broader group of audience. It is a bit like The Amazing Spider Man but not as dramatic as The Amazing Spider Man 2. It has a bit of National Treasure with Nicolas Cage vibe, anyway I highly recommend it.

Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation - has very good reviews so even that until now I haven't been so much into MI movies I went to see it. It is very good. Definitely the best MI movie until now. It is a filled with action lovely classical spy movie, so funny at moments that you will make you laugh out laud. Plot is interesting, car/motor racing is impressive and the female character Ilsa Faust is surprisingly very well made. She is pretty but her look is kept very natural, she is young (31) but not eighteen and she is quite convincing as an intelligent agent. I was pretty impressed when I read that Rebecca Ferguson that played Ilsa did actually all stunts herself what explains that she did look fit enough to be an agent. This movie left me in a very good mood and I have to say that I hope that Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames and Rebecca Ferguson will join Tom Cruise on his 6th Mission Impossible that was announced to start its production in 2016, because they did create a team comparable in "awesomeness" factor even to Avengers.


I have gone for a short road trip: Denmark-Germany-France.

Monday, August 3, 2015

July wrap up


I have watched three new movies this month.

Wild - I would never decide to go on my own on such a trip Jane decided to go. The movie is based on a book that I haven't read so I cannot compare. However, I found this movie interesting and very well made. It is slow paced story of a trekking trip that forces Jane to rethink her life. We get to see short snapshots of her life that very well explain why she needed such a long and difficult walk to reboot her life.

Ida - very good movie (won the 2015 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film) set in 1962 in a communistic Poland where talking about what happened to Jews during the World War II was a taboo topic. Anna, a young woman on the verge of taking vows as a Catholic nun, is sent to meet her aunt the former Communist prosecutor. When Anna learns her parents were Jews, the two women embark on a road trip to rediscover what have happened to their relatives not so long ago during Nazi occupation. Often we hear how people were helping each other even it meant risking their own safety but war is not an easy time and not everyone was heroic. Some people committed crimes sometimes on their neighbors and this movie touches upon this difficult subject.

Minions - good entertainment but it is not as good as Despicable Me or Despicable Me 2. It gives a background story where Minions come from and well as always they pretty cute and funny ;)

The Equalizer - very cool but very brutal. It is not something that I would normally watch.


I have started a new series which is probably a biggest mistake taking into account my tight study schedule but well it is too late now so let me review what I have read so far from a fantasy Throne of Glass books series. The protagonist Celaena will slaughter a lot of people on her way so if you have any anger buried deep inside of you these books might be quite soothing to read ;) There is also loads of action and adventures. Series so far introduces a lot of romance plots that at moments stay at the level of a typical chick lit but I do not mind it. I find these series very entertaining.

Btw.: if you plan to dive into this series then please start with The Assassin's Blade.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas - I have read it during one day/night I couldn't force myself to put it down. I went to bed first at 5am. It was very good read. Celaena, the main character, is an assassin. She gets an opportunity to take part in a king's competition and since she doesn't have any better option she takes it. As a story evolves we are slowly getting to know her. Smart young kick-ass girl as for me a very likable character.

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas - The king's castle is full of mysteries, dark shadows and magic. Celaena stands in front of new challenges and love, friendship and fate create dramatic plot. We discover secrets about Celaena that definitely encourage to read the next book Heir of Fire...


I have visited my hometown Szczecin, Poland and I have spent there two lovely weeks with my parents.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

summer diet

Summer is the best time to try to add to a diet more fruits and vegetables. I have so far conducted and up-taken few "food projects".

Strawberry Jam

Just like last year I have made strawberry marmalades. It was a whole day project. I woke up early and went out of town where the strawberry fields are. My parents in law have a friend that owns some of those fields and we were allowed to pick up as many strawberries as we want to. After whole day of cooking I have made 6 jars of jam and two jars of pancake syrup. They won't last long but as long as they will they will make me happy and proud.


I have started making based on milk or juice smoothies. I make them room temperature or 4 degrees if I make too much and I need to put it to a fridge. I store them in body-builder gym shakers but I remove the grating from it. For those that are not gym freaks or do not live with one, what I use is just a cup with a cover so one can shake it before drinking in case the smoothie has separated.

I have started making juice based smoothies to increase my vegetable intake. I do not like to eat salad and fresh spinach, it is not that I do not like the taste (they do not have much of it) but I am slow chewer and I always have an impression that I use way more energy to chew spinach or salad than the energy/calories they provide me with... Anyway, I really like it in juices. I do not follow any specific recipes I just throw what I have with some thought behind it of course. Until now I have 100% success, meaning that all of my mixtures were drinkable :)
 One of my smoothies contained: beets, spinach, squash, orange juice (as a base), frozen pineapple-papaya mix, algae powder and lemon juice.

Milk (I use milk alternatives as almond, rice, soya, etc. milks because I am lactose intolerant) smoothies are my way of preparing fast breakfasts. Here is an example: soya milk, oats, nuts (only if your mixer is strong), banana, lime juice, frozen pineapple-papaya mix, flaxseeds, chia seeds, blueberries, strawberries, and I poured it to a bowl to be able to top it with some honey puffs and eat with a spoon.


Jelly with fruit is a great dessert for hot summer days and also rainy gray days ;) (it seems like summer will not come to northern Europe this year).

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June wrap up


The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski - already half way through this book I had to order the next part of this trilogy. This book paralyzed my life for 2 days. The book is inspired by the Greco-Roman period after Rome had conquered and enslaved Greece. Kestrel is a general's daughter in a vast Valorian empire. One day she buys Arin a Herrani slave. Kestrel pity slaves as Arin, Arin hates Valorians. It is very well paced book, with good action, nice dialogs, emotional and mind games between two young people that had to play grown ups because of being born in uneasy war times.
I was a free person until the second book The Winner's Crime has arrived.
The Winners's Crime by Marie Rutkoski - I really liked it and I wish I didn't have to wait a whole year for the last book of the trilogy The Winners's Kiss to be published (spring 2016). This fantasy romance, probably aimed for younger readers than me (but I do not care ;)), is just beautiful. I like that the choices are difficult for Kestrel and Arin, and how much they are afraid to trust each other despite the love between them. Although living in emperor palace Kestrel is desperately trying to stay true to herself but she knows the price of the smallest mistake and she is being watched very very carefully.

Love Letters by Katie Fforde - it is fine chick lit. Characters are likable and they develop thought the book. It is about romance between Laura and Dermot. Since Laura is a bookaholic organizing a literary festival and Dermot is an Irish most famous living writer whole book plot is placed in literary atmosphere. It wasn't very informative book but still I guessed I learned something about book industry. The only think is that "the truth" is so obvious that at some point stubbornness of the female protagonist towards Dermot is a bit tiresome. It is forgivable mostly because romance is some how a side part of the career progress that Laura's goes through. All in all, it was an entertaining read but it definitely won't go on a list of my favorite chick lit books.


While We're Young - it is good movie but I am not sure what type of movie it is. It is not a romantic comedy that I was hoping for, it wasn't an action movie that is my favorite to watch... It was a movie that discuss some issues from different perspectives and introduces interesting characters... I have enjoyed watching it but I had a weird feeling in the end that it was a bit about nothing. If one likes one could probably discuss it and analyze human behavior in it for very long time and have some interesting conversations about growing up, getting old, being young, getting kids,... The movie touched a lot of life stuff, it didn't fully discuss any. I wouldn't recommend it to myself.

Jurassic World - it definitely was entertaining. I am normally quite forgiving when it comes to movies. For me if there is good action or adventure, a bit of sense of humor an romance it is enough. However, the way Claire Dearing release a Jurassic Park veteran Tyrannosaurus Rex to fight the genetically modified dinosaur Indominus Rex is too silly. I still liked the movie but I think comparing how well they did with having a bit of science and psychology in the movie this scene is disappointing. Btw. Chris Pratt as Owen the raptor trainer was really good.


I have spend the last weekend of June in Warsaw, Poland. Warsaw offers all that big city should but still is very affordable destination comparing to other capitals in Europe. It has a lot of historical sites and beautiful parks.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Food allergies while traveling

I have just come back from Japan. I have allergy to and intolerance of milk products. Mostly when I travel it is not a problem to communicate my issue in restaurants or hotels but there are places where English is not very common. 

What have I learnt during my trip in Japan is that our allergies don't have to limit our food experience during our holidays and for sure they should't limit our traveling destination choices. 

What I did and what totally worked for me in Japan is that I had dozen of small cards with written in English and Japanese that I am allergic to dairy products. Whenever I had a doubt if the dish I want is fried on butter or has milk in it and people wouldn't be very fluent in English I would just show them my card and point on a dish of my interest.

It worked perfectly. I kept them in my bag, wallet and most of my pockets so that they were always handy.

If you do not want to make such a cards yourself there are web pages where one can print them from, for example those I took to Japan are from

In Japan there are places where you can easily communicate in English as from my experience very often English skills are quite basic and as it is just enough for simple practical touristic issues (like directions, shopping, etc.) I wouldn't recommend to rely on it when it comes to allergies. 

Such  cards will work in any country that English is not a first or a second language. 
I highly recommend to each time you travel print them and keep them handy. Maybe you won't need it but maybe it will save your mood each time you in a restaurant.

 Happy Holidays ;)


Niedawno byłam w Japonii. Mam alergię na i nietolerancję produktów mlecznych. Przeważnie podczas podróży nie mam problemów by powiadomić w restauracji czy w hotelu  o moim problemie, ale są miejsca, w których angielski nie jest powszechny.

Podczas mojej podróży po Japonii przekonałam s że nasze alergie nie koniecznie muszą nas ograniczać.

Miałem kilkanaście małych karteczek z napisanym w języku angielskim i japońskim, że jestem uczulona na produkty mleczne. Ilekroć miałam wątpliwości, czy dane danie smażone było na maśle lub na mleku i ludzie nie byli za bardzo biegli w języku angielskim to pokazywałam im moją karteczkę i wskazywałam na danie.

To działało idealnie. Trzymałam karteczki w mojej torbie, portfelu i większość moich kieszeni, tak aby zawsze były pod ręką.

Istnieją strony internetowe, gdzie można je wydrukować na przykład moje które miałam w Japonii są z

W Japonii są miejsca, gdzie język angielski wystarczy, ale nie wszędzie. Jeśli chodzi o alergie to lepiej być pewnym ze zostało się prawidłowo zrozumianym.

Wydaje mi się że takie karteczki będą działać w każdym kraju gdzie angielski nie jest pierwszym lub drugim językiem.

 Udanych Wakacji ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

one day in traditional Japanese kimono

While traveling in Japan I have visited Kyoto. Kyoto is a fantastic city with infectious cultural vibe. People even from Japan go there to experience Japanese traditions. One way of letting oneself immerse completely in the culture is of course to wear traditional clothes, in this case it is of course a kimono.

I have rented kimono for a whole day and got a bit of makeup and hairstyle done to create a coherent look.
I wasn't alone. Kyoto is a city filled with people wearing kimonos. It was a great experience and brought me closer to people around me.
I am glad I did it.

Kimono is still worn to special occasions like weddings, birthdays, etc.